Research Team

Direction of Excavation:

(1994-2013) Prof. Michalis Tiverios

(2014-present) Prof. Eleni Manakidou

(2014-present) Dr. Despoina Tsiafaki, Director of Research

Scientific research team of archaeological data:

Dr. Despoina Tsiafaki: Excavational data, imported East Greek pottery

Prof. Eleni Manakidou: Protocorinthian, Corinthian and Attic pottery

Prof. Eleni Manakidou and Christina Pagoni: inscribed pottery

Dr. Kostas Filis: Transport amphoras

Dr. Vivi Saripanidi: Locally and regionally produced pottery

Dr. Konstantina Tsonaka: Lamps

Dr. Nikos Chatzis: Geometric Period pottery

Prof. Tania Valamoti and Dr. Tzeni Gatzogia: Archaeobotanical findings

Dr. Maria Ntinou: Anthracological analysis

Dr. Tatiana Theodoropoulou: Marine fauna

Dr Bella Dinova: Looming tools and weights (research started by Dr. Joanne Cutler†) 

Prof. Armelle Gardeisen and Dr. Aggelos Gotsinas: Terrestrial fauna

Dr Vasilis Euaggelidis: Digitization and GIS

Meliana Karta: Local geometric amphoras

Ioanna Bali: Stone findings